“You Have Not Paid Your Dues” -Femi Adebayo tells Actors Complaining of Poor Payment

Femi Adebayo, an ace Nigerian actor, has addressed the subject of actors complaining about low compensation for playing assignments in the Nigerian film business. During a recent appearance on Talk Dairy, the lawyer addressed the payment issue.

Femi Adebayo recently admitted that he did not expect his acting career to overshadow his legal practice. During a recent interview, the actor spoke up about his personal life.

In response to the payment issue in the Nigerian film business, Femi Adebayo stated:

“Acting is lucrative when you become popular. It can not be lucrative until you become a star. I refer to the journey to that level as an investment. You get paid according to the category you belong to. The A-list actors receive a higher payment than the B-list actors, and the order continues. I can not say I get paid peanuts because I am an A-list actor. However, an actor who recently got into the movie industry could claim he or she is poorly paid. You have not paid your dues. It happens in all professions.”

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