You Are Too Fearful – Reactions As Mr Macaroni Vows Not To Visit Falz In His House Again

Mr Macaroni narrates how Falz’s dog nearly disgraced him. According to him, the dog did not offer him a warm welcome as he chased him and barked at the same time. Mr. Macaroni stated he ran for his life since the dog, contrary to what its owner claimed, had no intention of playing with him.

On Friday, April 15th, 2022, he uploaded a video of how the dog reacted to his presence and promised never to see Falz again.

Mr Macaroni and Falz

Mr Macaroni Tweeted:

 ”Dog pursued me today. I didn’t know I could ever run as fast as I did.

Why do Dog owners lie that their dog is just trying to play. A dog is chasing me and barking at the same time. Idg, Is he coming to hug me?

See the Dog here. @falzthebahdguy I’m not coming to your house again ”

Reacting to the video, some netizens postulated that Macaroni was afraid to approach the dog even though it was trying to be very friendly. Others said he should have used his popular precept, ‘You are doing well’ and the dog would have been meek.

See how some netizens reacted to the video:

Patrick wrote; You are too fearful. Once a dog is chasing you or approaching towards you and it’s waging its tail, it’s friendly and not menacing; it’s not in a mood to bite anyone, it’s trying to meet you formally.

Henry Emeka wrote; You shld have just told the dog u ‘re doing well oiiii, put your acct no and freaky true acct of the dog. The dog only wanted a freaky of acct that’s all. Lolz

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