Yemi Alade – 7 Fire Outfits


Truth be told, there are so many people who inspire and fuel our fashion choices. Just as Mocheedah is ultra-chic, or Zainab Balogun has an amazing physique which sits any jumpsuit so does Yemi Alade reckon as a print goddess. I mean some of her fashion cues are just too good to pass up.


Yemi Alade’s vibrant style will tower above all of our fave things about her. Since the start of her reign as Mama Africa, Yemi Alade has particularly evolved a streak of youthfully casual but unarguably fire looks and as she adds another mark today, we will celebrate her with 7 of her most epic slayage(s).


– The Little Black Dress



What’s a closet without the little black dress, just that in this case they’re in blue? Every girl needs the perfect LBD in her closet. Whether she’s going for a semi-formal event, cocktail or a date – it’s an essential. Yemi Alade looks dashing in this blue skater dress as she’s effortlessly paired them with clear Lucite boots


– Denim Dosage



The Double Denim is a fashion hack. It’s a trend indulged by everyone, but not everyone gets it right. Yemi Alade gets her double denim game on with a buttoned cotton denim shirt and applique denim trouser


– Peplum and fur stilettos



Peplum tops have a fashion mainstay. These unique pieces have a feminine silhouette which is ideal for cocktails and informal events. Yemi Alade adds a girl twist to her denim with a lace peplum top and fur stiletto sandals.


– Prints and White Sneakers



Even when it comes to casual looks, Yemi Alade still makes a statement one way or the other. Here she has directed all attention to the statement sleeve in this one-piece mini dress simply paired with white sneakers.


– Ripped Jeans and a high-low patterned top



Have you ever woken up to a day as bright as Yemi’s in this picture and decided to just effortlessly throw on a distressed denim, a pair of sneakers and High-low top patterned top? I bet you looked this good too.


– Wide-leg Jumpsuit

No major Drama, just Yemi throwing you’ll kisses, and showing you upfront with a pout that dark pink does look great on Lime green.


– Off the shoulder top with Matching Shorts


– It’s Yemi Alade setting her shoulders free in these two piece Bardot outfit she has paired gorgeously with dangle earrings and stiletto sandals.


At the cusp of a life-long Mama Africa glory for YemiAlade, the singer continues to age like fine wine. As she gradually approaches the milestone age of 30, YemiAlade’s vibrant style will tower above all of our fave things about her. Since the start of her reign as Mama Africa YemiAlade has particularly evolved a streak of youthfully casual but unarguably fire looks and as she adds another mark today, we will celebrate her with 7 of her most epic slayage(s). 


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