Yaw: There are so many lies in the Entertainment Industry

Wazobia’s popular OAP, Yaw has said that most of the beefs and quarrels in the Entertainment Industry are fake and centered at selling songs.

He made this known in a recent interview.

This is what he has to say:

This year started with beefs here and there, is this really healthy for the Nigerian entertainment industry?
Yes! It is very good for the industry. It makes guys like you very busy. Then, the celebrities become more popular. If they release songs within the beef periods, fans would rush it. So, you see, beef sells for them.

Then the issue of everybody turning into baby daddy…?
(Cuts in) That is what they want to do. All man for himself, God for us all. Flavour said if he marries, it would disturb him. Well, he knows what he is saying. Everybody can’t be Flavour. Whatever makes you fine, do it and be fine.

With your experience, what’s your advice for your colleagues on the baby mama issue?
If you think being married would make you a better person, please look well before you do so. A lot of people who get married these days, after all the aso ebi and exotic weddings, break-up. They sell very expensive aso ebi and painfully when they break up, they won’t refund our money. E dey pain me. They should always return the money for aso ebi when the marriage ends.
Also, one very important thing is that they should learn to do their things on low key. They should know that they are already in the limelight and people are looking at them from all angles. The worse part is that, every family issue they have, they write on social media. They don’t know that some people are happier seeing them go through crisis. They assume that people have pity for them. But not at all, they are happy seeing and reading about their downfall.

Yaw as a brand has been around for a long time, what keeps you going?
I think it is just the fear of the unknown. The fear of failing! So, I just keep going. But most importantly, what keeps me going is the almighty God, and then, the prayers of those around me.
You have been in the entertainment industry for 21 years, have you ever contemplated quitting?
No! Right from when I started, I knew challenges were part of what would make me stand out. I think it was an opportunity for me to get better. I have always believed that I would get to somewhere big some day, although I am not there yet, very soon I’ll get there.
You are a mentor to some up and coming comedians, what’s your everyday advise to them?
Being a good comedian has a lot to do with research. You must read and know things. You must be very aware of what’s going on around you. Then you must be very spontaneous.
Your shows always dwell on issues concerning the government, have you ever been threatened?
No at all! My friends amongst them often talk to me one on one, saying ‘be careful what you are saying’, and then they will just laugh. Meanwhile, don’t forget that all these things had been said on social media, so it is not really new. We are just making drama out of it, so why would someone threaten us?

From the way you’ve been criticizing the government on your morning programme, are you anti-Buhari?
‎No. I’m not. In capital letters ‘I AM NOT’. I am not anti any government. Corruption has been around since 1960; it is not new. But then a lot of people are expecting Buhari to perform magic within four years; he can’t do it. He is not a magician. Four years is not enough. He is fighting corruption, we all know that, but they should not witch-hunt. Even in his team, there are still some corrupt people. But all Nigerians need to do is just to support him in whatever he is doing.

What’s your prayer for Nigeria?
I pray for a corrupt free nation where every one would obey God, and then I wish there is electricity everywhere in the country.

Sebastiane Ebatamehi

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