Yara Shahidi’s Hair Game

Yara Shahidi is easily one of the most talked about teens in Hollywood. The 17 year old blackish star in the last few years, owing partly to her role in the Tv series and her Modus Operandi as one of the most outspoken teenagers in Hollywood has become a fixture. Shahidi who is part African American, part Iranian and Part Native-American with a side of some Viking ancenstory is a huge advocate of diversity, feminism and a number of other socio-cultural issues. The actress very recently announced, that she will be attending Harvard University to the surprise of very few. While she is quite the admirable young woman and is every bit a brainy, it’s that stunning face and  gorgeous goddess-like hair we can’t seem to get enough of today.

Yara Shahidi staying true to who she is and what she stands for, is always constantly sporting her natural, voluminous fro in a variety of styles that would give anyone, natural hair envy. The starlett who is a constant fixture on many best dressed lists, is always sporting hair do’s that are even more raved about that her flawless style.

While there is a whole library of Yara Shahidi hair awesomeness to comb through, we decided to settled for a few of our favourite looks from Yara. Take a look.



Afoma Aligbe

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