WWE: The Undertaker finally retires from wrestling

Mark Callaway, popularly known as the Undertaker last night, exited the ring for what appears to be the final time in Wrestling.
At 52, in the biggest wrestling event in the world, the WWE “WrestleMania,” making his 25th appearance in the event, the Phenom lost to Roman Reigns in the main event, capping a WrestleMania 33 card that lasted more than seven hours at Camping World Stadium.
The Undertaker left his iconic black hat, coat and gloves in the center of the ring.

The “Deadman” waved goodbye to the crowd before disappearing through an opening in the floor of the ramp that descended from the stage.
The Undertaker who have won virtually all the title in WWE, ended his career with a wrestlemania record of 23-2.

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