Would you take 50 million naira from your r*pist and go silent or report? Nigerians speak

rape in nigeria

With the continuous increase in the the number of r*pe cases in Nigeria and the world at large, Glamsquad Magazine asked a couple of Nigerian students what they’ll do if their r*pist tried to shut them off with 50 million naira.

While some agreed to take the money and go silent, others said they would go for a second “r*pe round”.

Despite considerable outrage over the rising number of rape incidents in Nigeria, the scourge appears to have no end. There isn’t a day in the country that goes by without an incidence of sexual violence, particularly rape, being covered in the media.

One possible explanation for the seeming spike in sexual assault in Nigeria is that victims of such crimes are being more encouraged to report them.

With current campaigns in the country against rape and other types of sexual abuse, the government must rise to the occasion and address the issue. Apart from the establishment of sex offenders registers, which is praiseworthy but technically weak in the absence of a national database collecting information on every citizen and a national criminal record system.

Second, in some circumstances, the police’s handling of reported rape cases has deterred many victims of rape from coming forward. If such instances are brought to court, they must be heard quickly in order to restore victims’ faith in the justice system. If rapists are apprehended, prosecuted, and imprisoned in a timely manner, it can serve as a deterrent to future perpetrators.

Check out some of the responses from Nigerians below:

M.N said, “I will pray for such type of raping 2 come again, trust me d Girl will not disclose it”

N.A said, “Report to nearest police station because that money may be the end of your life and no body might knew what happened”

R.C said, “I will ask for another rape infarct may he just the rape me a every day na my job”

O.M said, “My dear I will not collect anything from him. If I collect money and die immediately that money can’t buy my life back ,money is not every thing. I will report him”

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