World’s Top 8 Art Schools With Good Acceptance Rate

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If you have a great passion for art, you should enroll in a prestigious and outstanding art school, to build you greatly in that profession/field, and make you do great after graduation with paying job.

Art schools will help build your knowledge, and make you more professional by providing you with the necessary tools/pieces of equipment needed to help develop your skills and as well make a career out of your passion.

However, we have numerous Institutions of art, which you can confidently enroll, as compiled in this list of the World’s Best Art Schools with good acceptance rates.

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In this article, TwinkleHub has compiled a complete list of the World’s Best Art Schools with good acceptance rates, which you can confidently apply, to enjoy your passion, and make you more professional in your career.

  1. Aalto Univerity—Espoo, Finland

Aalto University is also listed among the world’s best art schools and it offers over 90 different degree programs offered at the bachelors, masters, and PhD levels. The institution was was created in 2010 after 3 universities, namely: the Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki, merged into one.

Furthermore, all students of the great institution, have the great opportunity to explore the intersection of technology, science, and art through interdisciplinary programs like Human-Centered Living Environments and Health and Wellbeing, which also brings together neuroscience and design.

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Acceptance Rate

The great institution of Aalto has a good acceptance rate, and enrollemts of 12,113, which makes it okay for application.

  1. Rhode Island School of Design—Providence, Rhode Island (US)

The popular known Rhode Island School of Design also credited as RISD is one of the world’s best art schools, which offers great teachings coupled with practicals, which helps its students positively. The RISD has distinguished faculty members, that are extensive resources for all students, and a strong career services department, as well to offer the best and produce outstanding students.

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Acceptance Rate

The great and prestigious Institution (RISD), is among the World’s best art schools with a good acceptance rate and has an undergraduate enrollment of 1,736.