Women Are Loving Their Bodies Now And It Is Inspiring – Beverly Naya

Nollywood star Beverly Naya is super proud of how much women are loving and embracing their bodies right now.

The actress in a post shared on her Instagram page revealed that there is a shift across the world now where women are loving their bodies and it is inspiring to see.

Beverly NayaShe shared that for many years a certain beauty standard has been forced on women to look and feel a certain way which has led women to feel unworthy about themselves and their bodies.

Beverly mentioned that now there has been a shift and women are beginning to see the beauty standards as the way they see themselves.

The actress a few months ago shared some words of advice to her fans on the need to feel confident in their skin and also avoid bleaching their colours to feel more desirable.

The TV star in a series of tweets educated her followers and fans on the need to love their skin. She mentioned that every skin tone will glow if its properly taken care of.

Photo Credit: Instagram