Wives Must Be Submissive, There Is No Equality In Marriage- Solomon Buchi

Solomon Buchi/Twitter
Solomon Buchi/Twitter

Popular Nigerian social media personality and relationship expert Solomon Buchi has stirred reactions after insisting that the responsibility of a wife is to submit to her husband, while her husband’s responsibility is to submit to God.

“Submission in marriage is not mutual. A Christian man was not instructed to submit to his wife. In our egalitarian desire to equalize concepts, we twist scripture. A man submits to God and his wife submits to him. The concept of mutual submission is modern and wrong,’’ Solomon Buchi started.

“I know you’re already feisty, but listen. Concepts don’t have to be two extremes to be valid – just because a Christian man doesn’t submit to his wife doesn’t mean he shouldn’t listen to her, consider her opinions, and make decisions that include her.

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“A good leader should be sound enough to listen to his followers, but because he listens to his followers doesn’t mean he is submitted to them. It is a modern day skew to insert equality into the fraction. The power dynamic in Christian marriage is not equal, but it’s fair.

“Look at this: a man should be submitted to God, then you submit to him. Invariably, your safety is in his submission to God, because a God-led man will never be a torn in your flesh.

“Again, it’s not equal in expression, but it’s equitable in purpose.

“I know the scriptures you want to rebuff me with, but it is popularly misinterpreted.

“Submit yourselves to one another because of your reverence for Christ.” Ephesians 5:21/22.

“That verse was addressed to the church – it is our responsibility to serve one another.

“In some translations, the subheading change at verse 22 to show a change in the audience to Christian families. If you’re adamant to consider that, why then is there a clear instruction to wives to submit to their husbands in v22?

“Descriptively, Paul even juxtaposes the man’s headship in marriage over his wife to Christ’s headship over the church. The church is submitted to Christ, but Christ does not submit to the Christ.

“I think that as young Christians, we try to justify our egalitarian beliefs with the scripture.

“We want to make God look more fair and just, just to appeal to modern people. It is sad, and I wish we understood that we can’t improve God’s word, because it never gets antiquated.”

In a world where there is increasing clamour for equality in marriages, Solomon Buchi’s point of view might not go down well with many.

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