Wisdom Onyemize Fuses The Best Of 80s And 90s in his latest Collection

I am Wisdom Obiajulu onyemize. I was born in Lagos Nigeria where I grew up until the age of 13, then I migrated to the united states where I currently reside.

My love for fashion is beyond one expression, it’s molded into a lifestyle of mine. Though, funny as it sounds I tend to not have a particular fashionista that I look up to, this is because I want to remain original. I want to be remembered as fashion.

My collection is called “LaGoat” meaning “The Greatest of all time”. It exemplifies the nostalgia for the swagger and style of the late 80s which is creatively combined with the bold and unique trends from the 90s. The fusion of fashion and style from both eras births my own style.

To accomplish my style, I frequent both urban and basics departments. Overall, my style, like that of Gap, H&M, urban outfitter, old navy, is a balance between effortless and polished.

Below are pictures from my LaGoat collection;

The LaGoat Collection

The LaGoat Collection

The LaGoat Collection


The LaGoat Collection




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