Windows 11 Tablet Taskbar Hides Itself to Avoid Interference—Start Menu, Widgets, Apps on New Location

Microsoft rolled out a new update for Windows 11 on tablets that aim to give a new experience for its taskbar that would put it in a sleek position to avoid interference with users. The new design of the taskbar for tablets aims to increase productivity and help users with the accessibility of their device, with the Start Menu and its widgets or apps tucked away, available in a click.

Microsoft Windows 11: Tablet’s New Taskbar is Here

Windows 11 Tablet-Optimized Taskbar
(Photo : Microsoft Windows Blog)

Microsoft published a blog post detailing the debut of Windows 11’s new tablet-optimized taskbar, which will let customers have a better experience within their hybrid computer’s system. The publication describes the several modifications to the taskbar for tablets that will aid increase productivity for the various tasks that an user will complete.

The taskbar now has a collapsed mode that makes room for the screen by displaying only the “important notifications” at the bottom. When a user toggles it into expanded mode for their needs, it enlarges to its previous size, which aids in monitoring the various icons in the taskbar that remain for display.

The software business also updated the widgets that can be accessed by toggling the Start Menu, as well as the other displays that were optimized by the company.

The update contains numerous modifications from the previous Build 22557.

No More Cluttered Workspace for Windows 11 Tablets

Microsoft stated that the latest iteration of the taskbar seeks to improve user productivity by focusing on the various enhancements that would help create an optimal workspace for tablet users. Often, the tablet version is a little niche for Windows because most people prefer the normal desktop computers that host the OS, but the firm made care to update it for its users.

Windows 11 Tablet-Optimized Taskbar
(Photo : Microsoft Windows Blog)

Windows 11 Features

Microsoft invests much in the taskbar and task manager in Windows because they are two of the most significant features of the computer operating system. The repeating bar is intended to house several apps for shortcuts as well as display information for users to learn about their device, not to mention the widgets at the bottom.

Several taskbar functionalities have been made available again for Windows 11’s 22H2 update, which brings back several critical features in the OS’s taskbar. Microsoft tested several essential features and elements within the Windows 11 Start Menu, which is located within the taskbar for convenient access to the computer system’s various locations and functions.

The numerous enhancements and adjustments to the taskbar demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to bringing the greatest version of Windows 11 to all customers. Nonetheless, the tablet is as significant as the company’s desktop PCs, with an excellent improvement that would allow consumers to have capabilities to assist them in their everyday chores.

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