Why Piers Morgan Credited Success To Meghan Markle

You may be wondering why Piers Morgan, an outspoken English broadcaster, journalist, writer, and television personality, credited his win; TV Presenter of the Year award, to  Meghan Markle.

Well, after Meghan and her husband Prince Harry quit royalty sometime last year to lead a simple life, Morgan was one of the loudest voices that threw shades at the couple, with his primary focus on Achie’s mum – Meghan.

Was the whole theatrics really “great” for his career?

In March of ’21, Piers departed from iTV’s Good Morning Britain following his refusal to apologise for statements in which he expressed disbelief over Meghan Markle’s claims that palace aides didn’t help her after informing them she was feeling suicidal.

Glam Squad Magazine recalls that Piers’ controversial comments sparked a record 58,000 complaints to Ofcom.

However, in a ruling earlier this month, the TV regulator cleared ITV of any wrongdoing in broadcasting the comments in context with the views expressed by other presenters.

If the ‘controversial’ media personality was thrown under the rocks, what then will be said about the freedom of Press?

Recall that the former royals interview with OWN garnered a lot of reaction and Morgan was possibly the loudest, with the spotlight shared between the trio; Prince Harry, Meghan Markel and Piers Morgan.

Dishing Credits

Speaking to Daily Star after winning TV Presenter of the year, Piers boasted about his victory.

Piers Morgan credits Meghan Markle as he wins the TV Presenter of the Year award; says ‘she has been great for my career’. He also offered his “thanks” to Meghan, who he credited with helping his career.

Asked what Meghan would think of his win, Piers said: “Who cares… she’s been great for my career to be honest with you so I just want to thank her.

“We haven’t heard much out of her since the Ofcom win.

“It was a victory for free speech and whether people like me or don’t like me we are all entitled to an opinion.”

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