Why Nollywood Needs To Do A Movie About Plantashun Boiz – Chidumga Izuzu

 In a recent analysis put together by Pulse.ng movie editor Chidumga Izuzu, sighting a need for a true Nollywood story to be generated from the life and struggles of the Plantashun Boiz group which has been dissolved years ago.
She writes:

A decade after Plantashun Boiz came into the music scene, the now rested music group deserves a movie treatment.

The Plantashun Boiz consisted of 2face Idibia, Faze and Blackface. It was an R&B/pop group that produced hit singles such as ‘You and I‘, ‘Knock Me Off‘, and ‘Don’t You Know‘. The Plantashun Boiz produced three albums before calling it quits.

Not only would a biopic on the group tell the tale of one of the most important music groups of the last 20 years, it would chronicle the life and times of 2face Idibia and how he rose from a skinny singer from Benue to becoming the first music superstar of our generation.

A Plantashun Boiz movie would also immortalize the music scene from the mid 90s to the early 00s. This was a period when future music legends were tinkering with the sounds that would influence the next crop of stars.

The famed group was formed during their college years in Enugu, at the Institute Of Management And Technology (I.M.T Enugu).

Members of the defunct Plantashun Boiz play Members of the defunct Plantashun Boiz

A Plantashun Boiz biopic will chronicle their meeting, growth, separation, and a brief look at their current status. Importantly, it would reveal why 2face Idibia made the decision to go solo.

If ever Nollywood decides to make a movie about this influential group, they’d have a tough task casting the right actors to portray the characters.

Pulse Movies has put together a list of actors who we think would do the story justice.

1. 2Face Idibia – Joe EL

play 2Face Idibia and Joe EL

2face Idibia met Black Face during their stay in secondary school and formed Plantashun Boyz years later. 2face eventually broke out of the group to become a music icon in Africa.

Joe El is a dead ringer for 2Face – they have similar facial features and even sound alike vocally.

In this case, the selection of Joe El is more about his looks than his acting capability. But who knows, El’s knowledge of 2face’s mannerisms could be enough to pull off a memorable impression.

2. Black Face – Chris Attoh

play Black Face – Chris Attoh

The talented Blackface was the leader of the music group who called the shots. He introduced Faze into the group when they had settled in Lagos.

Th movie would show his influence on 2face Idibia during the early days and how he groomed the group to become a successful Lagos act.

To capture Black Face’s role, you need an actor such as Chris Attoh, who has appeared on our screens severally as a villain and a reliable friend. He understands the eccentricity of these characters.

With dreadlocks, it’s easy to imagine Attoh as Blackface.

3. Faze – OC Ukeje

play Faze and OC Ukeje


Faze is the third member of the group, who joined Black Faze and 2face after they moved to Festac. He had a stronger relationship with Black Face than with 2face.

There’s no striking resemblance between OC Ukeje and Faze, however, Ukeje has been known to get into several characters, so it’s not difficult to imagine him owning the role of the gentle going and talented Faze.

4. Sound Sultan – Seun Ajayi


A close friend of 2face Idibia and the Plantashun Boyz, Sound Sultan should be played by a reserved and analytical actor .

Who better than the talented Seun Ajayi, who comes off, both on and off-screen, as calm and wise.

We also think he looks – to an extent – like the young version of the ageless legend, Sound Sultan.

5. Annie Idibia – Jemima Osunde

Annie Idibia was 2face Idibia’s girlfriend during the days of the Plantashun  Boiz group, and is currently married to him. They have two children together.

The physical resemblance between Annie and Jemima Osunde makes the latter the best choice for this role.

Also, there’s no doubt that the talented Osunde is capable of interpreting right about any role.

6. Kenny Ogungbe – Femi Branch


Ogungbe is the CEO of Kennis Music who was instrumental to the resurgence of contemporary pop music. He also gave 2face a solo deal around 2003, and helped push the singer as a brand throughout Africa.

Branch has shown his versatility in several movies and TV series, so he should have no problem taking up the role of a top music executive.

7. Dayo ‘D1’ Adeneye – Femi Brainard


Adeneye is Kenny Ogungbe’s partner, who is soft-spoken and calm, and also played an instrumental role in the rise of 2face.

Brainard on-screen characters over the years make him the perfect actor to nail Adeneye’s personality.

8. Eedris Abdulkareem – Igwe 2Pac


Abdulkareem is a rapper, who was initially friends with the Plantashun Boyz, but will later throw shots at Black Face and Faze.

Igwe 2Pac, who is popular for his “shove it up your ass” viral video has the idiosyncrasy to portray Eedris, while adding a touch of humour to his interpretation.

He just needs a little makeup to slightly darken his skin.

9. Paul Play – Tope Tedela


The legendary Paul Play was a well known talented producer, who was very relevant at the time the Plantashun Boyz emerged.

He definitely must have met and influenced the rise of the music group, and we can easily picture Tope Tedela bringing the character to life.

10. Tony Tetuila – Mike Ezuruonye

play Tony Tetuila – Mike Ezuruonye


A friend of the Plantashun Boyz, when Tony Tetuila got kicked out of The Remedies –  a pioneering Nigerian hiphop music group – the Plantashun Boyz helped him craft his successful first album.

Mike Ezuruonye has the mannerism needed to portray Tetuila.

11. Nelson Brown – Emeka Ike

play Nelson Brown – Emeka Ike


Nelson Brown produced the first two Plantashun Boyz albums.

It’s easy to picture Emeka Ike as a music producer: he would probably add a weird accent and facial expressions for comic effect.

12. Vien Tetsola – Yvonne Nelson

play Vien Tetsola and Yvonne Nelson

Vein Tetsola was 2face Idibia’s first celebrity girlfriend. His relationship with her would came at a period when it was obvious that 2face was the star of the group. Rumours had started filtering that 2face would soon go solo.

Her role would be played by the equally tall and slender Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson. It also happens that she too was once a beauty queen like Vien Tetsola.


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