Why K1 de ultimate performed at Pasuma’s daughter’s wedding (details)

Coming after Fuji star, K1 de Ultimate performed at his colleague, Pasuma’s daughter’s wedding which gagged the audience, reports has it that the duo have decided to let the bad blood between them end.

According to reports making the rounds, the to stars who never saw eye-to-eye before now decided to put the past behind them as they now embrace each other and smile.

Pasuma’s second daughter, Barakat recently walked down the aisle with the love of her life. At the wedding that attracted big names from different walks of life, Pasuma, clad in white and red traditional attire held his daughter as they walked into the venue amid the noise of congratulations from the crowd. The Fuji star would later change into a brown agbada for the reception ceremony with K1 on the band stand.

In an interview with R, Pasuma also opened up on why he cried during the wedding. Pasuma said he was over the moon to witness the big day despite the challenges he has faced in life, adding that “People see the glory today but they don’t know the struggle but I am grateful to God for this privilege and I wish my daughter and husband a beautiful union filled with love and blessings”, he said.

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