Why I want my daughter, Priscilla to marry at a young age – Iyabo Ojo

Why I want my daughter, Priscilla to marry at a young age – Iyabo Ojo

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has expressed her wish for her daughter, Priscilla Ojo, to marry while still young.

At her Ojo, a mother of two, shared her aspiration for her daughter to marry at a young age. Drawing from her own life experience of marrying early and having Priscilla at a young age, she expressed her wish for Priscilla to similarly experience the joys of growing up with her children.

The proud mother of two further expressed her anticipation for Priscilla’s marriage and eventual parenthood, highlighting her daughter’s achievements in both her career and business endeavours as evidence of her readiness for the next stages of life.

Iyabo also noted that although Priscilla typically avoids discussions about marriage, she emphasized that she’s not the kind of mother who would pressure her child into such decisions.

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She said

“I’m looking forward to her beautiful wedding day, having babies, I just wish her all the best and I love her. One good thing about Priscilla is that she’s very hardworking and she started at a very slow pace and I know it’s an age thing but now when I tell her ‘Priscilla you need to…’ she’s already ahead of everything I even want to talk to her about. And for me, I’ve always said don’t take away the ‘hood’ from the child, allow the child to grow and be themselves.

“I don’t like to put my children under any pressure at all so I allow them to be them. She’s doing well, she’s a brand influencer, she is gradually going back into acting, she runs her business, her clothing line, her bag line, so she’s doing good, she’s there. The only thing I’m waiting for now that she doesn’t want to hear me talk about is marriage.”

I had Priscilla when I was her age, 23, and I reminded her but she was like ‘Mummy that was your time, everybody is different’. I was like ‘You’re a graduate, you have a successful business, you’re doing fine’, she’s like ‘Mum, please! No rushing’.”

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