Why I ventured into music – Skit maker, Taaooma

Maryam Akpaogaki, better known as Taaooma, a famous skit maker, has revealed her interest in the music industry.

Taaooma explained her inspiration for delving into the field of music during an appearance as a guest on an episode of The Leaderboard podcast, hosted by Fisayo Fosudo.

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The multi-talented content creator added that she opted to venture out into music because she felt it would be more appropriate to incorporate her own songs into her skits rather than rely on music from other artists.

In her words;

“For me, entertainment is freedom. You can do anything. I also like the fact that it’s my music. It’s my song. It’s a song that I can be proud that I made. I just feel like, I’m using other people’s songs [in my skits], and this thing is not so hard. I have a studio, we can record songs.

“I love music. Some people used to say I have [a melodic] voice. But, I feel like, instead of me trying to sing, we can do collaborations and make something happen.”

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