Why I Quit Movie Production – Olaiya Igwe

Olaiya Igwe, a veteran Nollywood actor and movie producer, has disclosed why he quit filmmaking to dive into other things.

The last movie Olaiya produced before he made up his mind to stop producing movies was ‘Aditu Isokan’ which was pirated in 2008. He disclosed that he spent N52 million Naira in producing the movie.

“2008 was the last time I shot a movie, and I was working on it till I released it in 2014, the title was ‘Aditu isokan’, while the English movie was ‘Mystery of Unity’. I spent 52 million naira on it, my witnesses are Adebayo Salami and Jide Kosoko.”

He also disclosed that when he took the movie to the United States for coding to avoid piracy, he was later called from Nigeria that the movie has been pirated already. He added that unless the government and his fellow producers join forces to fight piracy, he won’t produce any movie.

“After releasing it, I had to take it to America for coding so it can’t be pirated. The next day I was called from Oshodi that it has been pirated.

“Ever since then, I decided that until the government and we ourselves are ready to fight piracy that it is when I will produce a movie.”

However, he stated that he will produce a movie soon because technology has been able to curb piracy in a way.

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