Why I Have Never Shown My Full Nak3d Br3asts – Cossy Orjiakor

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Cossy Ojiakor has revealed why she has never gone totally Private to show off her humongous bosom.

She made the revelation while responding to an inquiry by one of her followers on Instagram on why she had never truly gone Private. “It was a promise I made to my mum. She begged me never to show off my naked Bosom s and I have kept the promise ever since,” she had replied with an air of mischief which soon came to light. “But now that she’s late, I may consider doing that soon. You know, never know what can happen,” she added to give the follower, who had confessed to  dying to see her Private, a glimmer of hope Cossy’s bosom  have become legends in the entertainment space and has been touted by many “Nollywood’s queen of bosom

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