Why I dumped music, relocated from Nigeria – Veteran rapper, Eldee

Sikirullahi Olanrewaju Dabiri, alias Eldee The Don, a veteran Nigerian hip-hop artiste, has revealed why he stopped music and migrated abroad.

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The former member of the now-defunct Trybesmen said he left the nation to “clear” his head after being “scammed” by an advice agency that took money from investors and told them they were investing it in his music.

This was revealed by the rapper during his appearance on the current episode of the King of Talks podcast, hosted by comedian Teju Babyface.

“What happened was that Shayman introduced me to a gentleman named Tonye Akindele, who had a capital advisory firm at the time,” he explained. They look for businesses in which to invest.

“So they approached me for a partnership. And I accepted. But unbeknown to me, what was happening was him [Tonye Akindele] and his partner had the people who were funding the record label but the label was not getting money. I was still funding my music.”

Eldee said it took him almost a year before he realised that he was being scammed after incurring huge debts.

He said some of his team members left their families abroad to come to Nigeria to be part of that project but ended up with nothing.

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