Why Does Reno Omokri Admire Yul Edochie?

Yul and Reno Omokri/PM News
Yul and Reno Omokri/PM News

Social media personality, Reno Omokri, and Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, have in some way fallen off the support radar of Nigerians on social media. Reno Omokri’s controversial and one-sided views on national topics and Yul Edochie’s engagement in polygamy have seen both of them loose public support.

However, Reno has expressed admiration for Yul Edochie despite the criticism he has faced. Reno hailed Yul by stating that they share a similar trait of coming out of challenges stronger.

Reno, in a tweet, said:

“If there is anyone I admire for their mental strength, it is Yul Edochie. I am mentally strong and can take anything thrown at me without breaking a sweat.

“And it is very appealing to see someone else with the same or even higher capacity. Going through challenges and emerging stronger. Facing resistance to his life choices and standing firm.

“Being hit from all corners by people who should focus on their own imperfect lives, yet refusing to react. Always proactive. I may or may not accept everything he does, but I admire how he does what he does. If there is anyone I will call Odogwu, or Onwa, it is Yul.”

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Reno’s talk about coming out of challenges strongly might be linked to the severe criticism both of them (Reno and Yul) have received over their decisions to tow paths Nigerians are not accommodating about.

Whether they share similar traits or not, Nigerians seem more unconcerned about that and are focused more on criticizing them.

What do you think about both men?

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