“Why do we always blame the victims?” Mary Njoku expresses outrage over Moyo Lawal’s s3x video

The much-anticipated response from Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Mary Remmy Njoku, regarding the intimate video involving her close friend and colleague, Moyo Lawal, has finally surfaced on social media.

Hours ago, Glamsquad Magazine reported that Moyo Lawal’s s3x video with her supposed ex-lover surfaced online.

While Moyo has received much criticisms from her fans and some of her colleagues, Mary Njoku came to her defence.

In an Instagram post, Mary Njoku described Moyo Lawal as the victim in this scenario. She advocated for providing victims with a supportive environment, emphasizing the importance of refraining from derogatory comments and insinuations that could subject them to further harassment.

Mary Njoku further cited various scenarios and presented the reactions and blames social media users present so as to blame teh victim.

She wrote:

“Why do we ALWAYS blame the victims?

“RAPE Wetin you dey find for em room’

“CAR THEFT’ mumu! Why park for the car park?

“CHEATING Halm! Why wouldn’t he cheat? See as you fat? Ordinary 3 children wey you born.

“DOMESTIC VIOLENCE you provoked him.

“SCAM You no sharp OP, na only mumu person you dem dey scam

“BIGAMY’ why are you exposing your home, a good wife should cover her husband’s shame

“LEAKED SEXTAPE why would you trust your Fiancé and goof around with someone you love?”

In the caption of the post, she added,

“If you have never been a victim before pray it never happens to you Nigeria. Cos you are doomed. Little wonder the culprits get away with it 90% of the time. And if we continue to victimize victims, E go touch everybody laslas Shame on us.”

"Why do we always blame the victims?" Mary Njoku expresses outrage over Moyo Lawal's s3x video

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