Why Did Caroline Danjuma Leave The Real Housewives Of Lagos?

Caroline Danjuma/Instagram
Caroline Danjuma/Instagram

Actress and reality TV star Caroline Danjuma has opened up on why she left the Real Housewives Of Lagos (RHOL) reality TV show.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, the Nollywood actor reacted to co-star Iyabo Ojo’s comments about the show not being scripted, insisting that she left the show because she was tired of Iyabo’s “fakeness and lies.”

Continuing, Caroline Danjuma said “Absolutely NOTHING is scripted, if it was, as an award-winning actress and producer would have stayed giving my best acting prowess. If you are a demon, own it. I left the show because l was done with your fakeness, lies, wickedness, manipulative low self-esteem razzness, and God knows I was afraid of what I would do next to you lots.”

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However, the thespian has thrown her weight behind the show’s new cast Faith Morey. In the third episode of the show’s second season, Morey had an altercation with Iyabo Ojo and Caroline while showing support for Morey wrote:

“Dear @moreyfaith, the crown is yours to keep. Eat THEM RAW.”

Some fans of the show believe that Caroline Danjuma’s deep hatred for Iyabo Ojo is beyond happenings on the show, while others argue that she developed her hatred for Iyabo on the show.

What do you think about their perceived hatred towards each other? Please tell us in the comments section.


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