Why “Black Models Matter” is being held in Nigeria – Joan Okorodudu

Isis models present The Fashion Forward Seminar tomorrow Saturday 7th, 3pm at the Silverbird Galleria. The theme of the seminar is “Black Models Matter”. Special guest speaker would be Ashley B. Chew.

Glamsquad interviewed Joan Okorodudu, the CEO of Isis models about the event and below is the conversation;

Tell us about the ;Black Models Matter seminar scheduled for Saturday, at the Silverbird Galleria
is there is discrimination in Africa, if yes, pls share with us.

The seminar is basically to teach the young models about the dos and don’ts of the modeling industry. On how to take no for an answer and move on after rejections. It is also centered on improving and regulating the modeling industry in Nigeria. To teach the models in general what to expect in the industry, and how to protect models against the bad vices in the industry because there are so many.
There is a major discrimination in Africa. There are jobs that black models can’t even do. Black models job in South Africa for example is seasonal and in Nigeria we have the tribalism issue and this is so sad.

What do you mean by the term fashion forward?

Basically we know that the fashion industry in Africa is thriving in South Africa. The vogue talent that we did in 2014 saw Maxhosa by Laduna winning the crown. Because of the industry in South Africa he is able to meet the demand of his brand world-wide. So we want to sit down and see how we can make that happen in Nigeria where our designers and meet up to their customers demand.

Why did you choose Ashley B. Chew to be your guest?

She started a revolution that got people listening about the problems of black models in the fashion industry with just a single bag which she designed and painted herself.

What are models expecting to benefit for attending this seminar?

Know the dos and donts of the modeling industry eg know how to start away from drugs, learn about booking and which model is good for which job and learn about international model placement from Uchenna Okwudima who has successfully placed more  models to the most difficult modeling industry in Europe.

Where do you see the Nigerian Fashion and Modelling Industry in the next 5 years?

The industry will take off in the next 5 years and hopefully Nigeria will be better for it. To be honest, Nigeria really needs a fashion council.



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