Who Wore It Better? Hailey Bieber Recreated Bella Hadid’s Micro Mini Shorts Trend

When two celebrities wear identical outfits, people naturally wonder who looked better. Celebrities continue to dress the same way without anyone noticing, despite the size of the fashion industry. That is why, Glamsquad has taken it upon herself to keep track on celebs who rock what and when.

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In this week’s “Who wore it better” Hailey Bieber has recreated one of Bella Hadid trendsetting looks. Not just her, but her best friend, Kendall Jenner has rocked similar outfit and it has been shown in Gucci and Prada.

During her day of errands in Los Angeles, Bieber wore the shorts with a matching white T-shirt tucked under one of her beloved leather jackets. The shorts are composed of a stretchy material and have a light color that is nearly white. They impacted Bieber’s leg precisely at the top, resembling boyshort underwear.

Even though the shorts exposed a good amount of leg, Bieber pulled the ensemble together with an enormous suede shoulder bag, slouchy jacket, hoop earrings, skinny sunglasses, and fluffy shearling clogs for a little coziness. It’s a stylish and fashionable combination that goes well with the “in-between” weather of fall, as Hadid demonstrated last fall; you can take off the jacket if the weather warms up, but your toes will stay toasty on those chilly autumn mornings.

Who do you think rocks this best between the two?

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