Who is Tewa Onasanya, Founder of ELOY Awards?

In her short speech about the ELOY Awards 10th Anniversary, she said:

“Our aim is to continue to use the ELOY awards to celebrate, inspire, empower, encourage and challenge women to be audacious and ambitious. A woman’s place is wherever she wants to be and she can become whatever she desires to be. We want to encourage all women to unleash their true potential.
We have been consistently celebrating, empowering and motivating women since 2009. We are in the 10th year of the ELOY Awards, The Year of Audacious Ambition, The Power is Hers.”

But who really is Tewa Onasanya?

Tewa Onasanya is a mindset coach who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacology from the University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. She is the founder and chief executive of Exquisite Magazine, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle publication for women. Exquisite magazine organizes the Exquisite Cancer Walk, the event aimed at increasing awareness of cervical and breast cancer and free screening for people.

She spoke with Sunday Sun about her favourites recently.

Favourite colour

Yellow, black and red. My favourite colour used to be just black, later black and red and in recent times, I found out that yellow looks really nice on my skin.

Favourite food

Anything with beans, or pasta, ewa aganyin with bread, moinmoinakaraogi, or pasta.

Favourite holiday spot?

Recently Dubai. For me, Dubai is like luxury, it’s like holiday in luxury because the malls are so expensive and wide. I like England as well. England is like home and then maybe the beaches. Going on the seaside is unbelievable in Dubai.

Maybe that is why I like Dubai.

Favourite car?

It’s a Porshe Cayenne

Favourite book?

At the moment it is, ‘Who Says You Can’t, written by Daniel Chidiac. The book re-emphasizes that whatever you want to do in your life, if you think you can’t do it or you think you can do it, the decision is yours. Whether you think you can’t or you think you can you are both right. So if you think you can’t do it then you are right, if you think you can do it you are also right. So, whatever it is in life, whether you can’t or you can, you decide and that both re-emphasizes that fact for me.

Favourite music?

Music of the 80s and 90s. At the moment I think I like Tiwa Savage and Simi.

Favourite fashion accessory

Shoes, shoes, shoes. I’m a shoe freak.

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