Who is Bill Gate’s Daughter Phoebe Gates Dating?

Phoebe Gates, the daughter of the billionaire Bill Gates and her boyfriend, Robert Ross have been dating for 7 years.

Meet Robert Ross the man dating Phoebe Gates the daughter of Bill Gates , people disrespect him a lot on the internet but he has an impressive background to be labelled the boyfriend of Bill Gates daughter

In 2021, Robert obtained his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University

He pursued a Master of Science in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity from the same prestigious university.

At Stanford, Robert was a member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity and held various titles throughout his stint with the chapter. In 2019, he was the director of recruitment, the director of diversity and inclusion, and the president.

After graduating from the private California university, Robert worked as a full-time associate product manager at Google

In January 2023, the Stanford alum co-founded Lume, an AI tool that “helps engineering teams build and maintain custom data integrations with no code.”

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