Have you ever wondered why your lovely perfume seems to have evaporated after a short while? knowing where to spritz your scent can determine its staying power.

Here’s a list of the top arms to focus on:


WRISTS: Spray on each wrist.Do not rub wrists together; this crushes the scent.


BEHIND THE EARS: This wafts into the nostrils of everyone that hugs you and hey, no more stinky earrings!


THE BASE OF YOUR THROAT: There’ s a little hollow at the base of your neck where your pulse beats, dot a little scent there too.


INSIDE YOUR ELBOWS: It feels like a little pocket of sweet smelling yumminess every time you unfold your arms.


BEHIND YOUR KNEES: A few drops here to help your perfume envelope you all day long.


Finally, spritz some perfume up in the air ahead of you and step into the fragrant cloud as you walk out of the house smelling like a million dollars!



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