What’s up with Thin Tall Tony?

TTT was just so confident he was loved and will win the Big Brother Naija show……

BBNaija housemate, ThinTallTony, has returned to the country after Sunday night’s eviction show. Apparently still in shock over his sudden removal from the show, the lanky contestant is being confronted with questions, bothering on his earlier claim that his family members are all dead.
When the bomb of his eviction was released, it hit straight into ThinTall Tony’s heart. It was a great shock. His eyes were laced with tears. His female ally, Bisola, cried out loud. Bally looked on with starry eyes.
ThinTallTony now has the outside world to contend with. He had claimed he had nowhere to go to, saying to his fellow housemates that his family was dead, while fans of the show have been campaigning with the hash-tag that he should return to his wife, Laraba, and two children. This was against the backdrop of his flirting with Bisola and TBoss at intervals.
Joining Ebuka on stage, the 5.7ft dancer said: “I’ve waited for 12 years to be here. I lived it to the fullest. I’m living the dream.”
He said it was heartbreaking that he was evicted, but it’s all good.
Playing back his kissing scenes with Bisola, he claimed he was merely acting. “No offense to anybody, but that was not real. I know that I felt something for her. She is an incredible woman. But we spoke about it and took it maturely.”
Asked about his wife and children, who he admitted are real, he said: ‘Like I said in the game, I never spoke about my family. I kept it really separated, I don’t want anyone to know about that part of my life because the truth is, I’ve done research before about people, humans, and how they think, not just in Nigeria but around Africa.

When I did that research, I realized there is a way people look at you when you are married, especially in the game, and I’m married. Nobody knows I am.”
However, when told everybody, including his fellow housemates knew he is married, he was alarmed.

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