What Was She Thinking Of – Hong Chau Drags Prada to the Gutters at Oscars 2023

Hong Chau wore a beautiful dress to the Oscars, but we have some issues with the outfit – especially since it was an outfit designed by Prada. Yes, it was Prada, for god’s sake – and that means she must have spent a good deal on the dress.

No matter whose idea it was – hers or the designers at Prada, our Fashion Editors at Glamsquad think the outfit could be better.

According to confirmed sources, the star of the international blockbuster movie – “The Whale” and “Best Supporting Actress” nominee at the Oscars 2023 worked directly with the designers at Prada to create the signature gown.

From the first look, it was obvious to us at Glamsquad that Hong Chau had a say in the original design, telling by the Mandarin collar on the dress, which is an evident link to her Asian heritage.

Hong Chau at Oscars 2023
Hong Chau

Take nothing from that. We loved the collar! You can never get it wrong with a Mandarin collar – whether it is a male or female outfit. We may prefer a gown with a deep neckline, but truth be told, a half or full Mandarin collar is a yes-yes!

The collar gave the retro gown a sleek touch that’s both personal and distinct. However, it is a shame that Prada would approve of the totally unnecessary black paillette train attached to the dress. In our opinion, it ruined the dress.

But do not take our word for it, what do you think about the dress? Was it a hit or miss for Hong Chau? You be the judge!

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