What to Do if Your Laptop Freezes

Nothing slows you down like a frozen computer.
It’s one of the most aggravating issues a PC user can encounter.
But it’s a simple problem to solve.

Use This Hidden Keyboard Combo to Fix Your Frozen Computer
Even the simplest computer will be a sophisticated mechanism.
Not only are the electrical and mechanical components of the hardware susceptible to failure, but the software as well.
As a result, a PC can quickly become a serious problem.
A frozen PC is one of the most typical signs of this.
There is no response no matter how many times you click your mouse or press the keyboard.
Your productivity will halt immediately, and you will feel quite frustrated.
No one wants it, but what is the solution?

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How Can You Unfreeze Your PC?

It’s critical to get a frozen PC fixed as quickly as possible so you can go back to work.
The following are the most effective methods for resolving this issue:

  • Wait: The most important thing you can do is wait and be patient.
    Due to network speed reductions and heavy utilization across the network, a workplace PC can experience a variety of problems.
    As a result, the occurrence of a traffic jam is a distinct probability.
    If your PC remains stuck after two to three minutes, it’s likely that you’ll need to look into other options.
  • Check for Overheating Issues: When a computer overheats, it struggles to function properly.
    The PC will gradually slow down until it freezes as the heat builds up and the processor is put under more and more strain.
    This could be due to a lack of ventilation or a build-up of dust.
    Make sure there’s enough of airflow around the computer and that any ducts are dust-free.
    Before rebooting the computer, make sure it has been switched off for five minutes.
  • Access Task Manager: You might discover that only one application freezes at a time.
    This can be especially aggravating if it’s a frequently used one.
    Due to the lack of response, it’s also likely that you won’t be able to press the close button.
    However, you should be able to close it using Task Manager.
    Simply press the Windows key and type Task Manager into the start box.
    This will bring up the Task Manager, which will show you all of the programs that are now running.
    Right-click any frozen apps in Task Manager and select the End Task instruction.
  • Manual Reboot: Due to the lack of alternatives, it’s doubtful that you’ll be able to start any resolutions if your PC is entirely frozen.
    In certain situations, a manual reboot will be required.
    Manual reboots might result in data loss and file damage, thus this should only be used as a last resort.
    To perform a manual reboot, press and hold the power button on your computer until it goes off, which should take about five seconds.
    Before restarting the machine, turn it off for a minute.