What The Street Style Looked Like A Decade Ago

Ten years ago, street style was a combination of varied, edgey, and casually cool outfits. Punk, grunge, and hip-hop subcultures all had an impact on how the streets grew to represent a lively runway for individual self-expression. Bold patterns, large clothing, and unusual color combinations were more popular in the 2010s.

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Street style aficionados could be spotted wearing distressed denim paired with vintage band tees or graphic hoodies. Sneakers cemented their status as the quintessential footwear choice for both men and women alike. High-end designers also began to infuse streetwear elements into their collections with luxury brands collaborating alongside iconic sportswear labels.

Accessories played a crucial role in achieving the decade’s signature look – chunky chains, bucket hats, statement sunglasses added a sense of individuality to the ensemble. A decade ago, street style served as a platform where personal expression reinvented casual attire against traditional fashion norms.

Photo Credit: Tommy Ton

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