“What happens when stardom ends?” – Mary Njoku queries celebrities

Film producer and actress, Mary Njoku, has questioned celebrites over the kind of lifestyle they live due to their status.

Mary Remmy Njoku
Mary Remmy Njoku

Taking to her Instagram page, Mary questioned her colleagues over what they will do with their lives after stardom.

According to her, no one remains a celebrity forever. She questioned what celebrities will fall back on when their celebrity status expires.

She further queried if celebrities have a life outside entertainment or they burnt down their real life. Read also

This is an advice from one of Nollywood’s finest. Fame seems like a medicine that makes you popular and at times have class. Celebrity status comes with high expectations and a change of taste.

You mingle with people of high caliber, dress classy, and the likes, yet no king reigns forever. Another set of potential are discovered and brought to limelight.

She wrote,

“Dear celebrities

What happens when

Stardom ends?


Remember no one stays at the top forever.

What happens when your celebrity status expires?

Do you have a REAL life

to fall back to? Or you

have ‘burnt down’ your

REAL life.

Just asking”.

See below,

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