What Did Harrysong Mean By Telling His Wife That He Would Marry A Second Wife On Her Birthday?

Harrysong and wife/Instagram @iamharrysong
Harrysong and wife/Instagram @iamharrysong

In a shock birthday post to his wife, Nigerian singer Harrysong expressed love for her but said he would marry another wife.

The actor said, “Today is my wife’s birthday. God woman. Sweet woman, my love. But I will still marry a second wife, sha,”

His post generated a lot of controversy online as fans quizzed what the author meant by loving his wife but insisting on polygamy. Some people called out the actor and accused him of disrespecting his wife on her birthday.

To defend his post, the actor claimed in an interview with Hip TV that his statement was taken out of context.

The “Reggae Blues” singer noted that he meant he would only marry another woman with the consent of his first wife.

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He said:

“I love my wife so much. I take very good care of her. And I have great respect for her. I will not do anything that she is not a part of or that she would not permit.

“So, if I talk about marrying a second wife, yeah, maybe. But it would not be a disrespect to my wife. It will be what she permits, what she agrees to. Basically, I will not disrespect her.

“So, if I’m talking about marrying a second wife, just know that we are all going to be one big family, all together.’’

Critics have blamed the singer for considering the thought of marrying a second wife despite claiming to love his wife.

Do you agree with Harrysong or his critics?

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