Web Browser Tabs, Why Should You Use It?

Tabs play an important role in the web browsing experience. Almost every major browser has recently incorporated a new feature known as “Tab Groups.” You should be utilizing Tab Groups if you aren’t already.

Tab Groups are based on a basic notion. It enables you to group numerous tabs into groups that can be labeled and moved around as a unit.

Tab Groups are supported by Google Chrome on desktop and Android, as well as Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox. On all systems, the feature functions roughly the same.

Chrome extension to organize tabs in browser

Maintain Everything in a Single Window

Before the Tab Group feature, the simplest way to keep a group of tabs together was to open them in a new browser window. According to HowtoGeek, the disadvantage of this is that you may end up with a slew of open windows, which doesn’t help with clutter.

Tab Groups allow you to keep all of your tabs in one window while still creating partitions for distinct purposes. You don’t have to remember which window contains your project’s tabs. Everything is in one area, with colors and labels to make everything easier to find.

Furthermore, if you do want to separate the tabs into their own window, putting them in a Tab Group allows you to grab all of the tabs at once. According to Wired, it’s the best of both worlds.

Visual Arrangement

Tab Groups, as previously noted, can be labeled and color-coded. According to Auto Shops Solutions, if you have a lot of tabs open at all times, these labels can make a big impact in how you view the browser tabs.

The more the number of tabs you have open, the smaller they become and the less information you can view. If you utilize Tab Group labels, you’ll always know that the red group is for that project you’ve been working on, and the green group is for holiday gift purchasing.

Simply simply, your website’s favicon and page title may not always accurately represent what you’re doing. Labels and colors for Tab Groups are a much better method to see what’s going on.

Tabs to be saved for later

One of the reasons individuals keep so many tabs open is that they are terrified of losing something. “I might need that tab again, so I’ll simply leave it open,” you reason. It’s called digital hoarding.

The ability to collapse all of the tabs in a group into a single tab is a wonderful feature of Tab Groups. If you find yourself with a million tabs over the top of your browser, you can clear things up by collapsing the groups.

If your device supports it, you may have dozens of tabs open while only displaying a few labels over the top of the screen. Now you don’t have to feel so awful about not being able to close all those tabs you might need later.

Everything has a place, and everything has a place

If you haven’t already guessed, the lesson of the story is organization. Your browser tabs are a jumbled mess if you don’t use Tab Groups.

When you click a link, the website appears at the bottom of the tab list; there is no order to anything, and you may lose track of what you have open.

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