We Fell In Love With Jacket Dresses All Thanks To Micah Gianneli

Jacket dresses maybe some of the most convenient clothing items to have in your closet and here are the reasons why.

1. They work with whatever temperature is lurking outside your doorstep. They are fabulous in the summer, where you can rock them without very little underneath, and fabulous in the winter where more can be added, be it trousers.

2. There are no strict colour coding with jackets and what goes underneath. ie. a lady wearing all pink can easily get away with a black jacket, or even opposing colours such as wearing blue with an all orange. There has never been a strict colour code rule with jackets being that society has always just accepted them as an overlay serving the purpose of warmth. Meaning when it comes to jacket dresses, this notion gives you the ability to experiment with your personal style.

The term jacket dress applies to a broad range of outfits. Jacket dress can be used to describe a jacket that can be worn as a dress and in many cases a dress that is customised in the style of a jacket. Single or double-breasted with buttons and a lapel.

One amazing style influencer that has made sure jacket dresses is not overlooked in her portfolio is the amazing Micah Gianneli. She would easily be amongst our favourite if she was able to touch on clothes outside the usual high fashion brand. Nevertheless, shes great at what she does, and definitely the best influencer to show us how best to rock your jacket dress. At least when it comes to mono-color looks. Check out 10 of our favourite jacket dress looks by Micah Gianneli below and a few more similar ones.

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