WATCH: Woman Makes Luxury Handbag Out of a Carrier Bag

The internet is full of creative people. Some work hard, while others work smart.

A video of a woman, who is a self-taught designer, went viral on Twitter after she created a stunning bag using a carrier bag from Louis Vuitton. Known as Kellie Ford, she made a bag without touching a sewing machine.

WATCH: Woman creating a stunning bag out of a carrier bag

While many people loved the idea, others threw shade at LV, saying the brand might steal her idea and sell it at a much higher price.

Recently, we’ve seen people say they go to luxury stores and ask to take pictures of the empty bags to post on social media.

They said that they pay about R1 000. Curious as we are, we passed by the Gucci store in Sandton City after PopRoom posted an image and a video of Gucci bags that are apparently hired for Insta snaps.

Workers at Gucci Sandton said it didn’t do such a thing. Whoever said it did was lying.

If it did hire out bags, would it be a bad thing? I think not. In 2019, Diesel started a campaign where they allowed people to “wardrobe” from its stores.

Wardrobing is a term that is used for the act of buying an outfit, wearing it and then returning it.

Perhaps hiring bags just to post on social media is not so bad, after all?