Watch Video Of Top 20 Suspected Illuminati Celebrity Members

“Y’all haters corny with that Illuminati mess,” a wise woman once said. (It was Beyoncé.) When she uttered those words on the track “Formation,” the internet collectively blacked out; it was the first time Bey formally acknowledged the rampant rumours of her involvement with the alleged secret society. But when we awoke, we were even more perplexed about the Illuminati than before. Was the lyric a joke, a dig, or a quiet acknowledgement of her membership? glamsquad reports 


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Even the uninformed (and uninterested) can identify common alleged Illuminati symbols: Jay Z’s signature triangular hand symbol, triple 6’s, and the all-seeing Eye of Providence found on the back of the $1 bill. But who or what is the Illuminati? We must go back in time to understand the differences between the real secret society and the rumoured one.

The majority of the talk about the Illuminati is speculative, but there is some truth to the organisation. The Order of the Illuminati was a real organisation founded in Bavaria, Germany, during the Enlightenment Era in 1776. This secret group of five men sought to separate themselves from the government and the church. The name says it all: they wanted to enlighten people.

However, as membership grew, the society could only remain secret for so long. Secret societies were declared illegal, and the Order of the Illuminati was disbanded after only ten years. Almost immediately, conspiracy theories emerged, claiming that the Order of the Illuminati had survived underground and was carrying out their mission.

Theorists are still active today, more than 200 years later. The modern-day Illuminati is said to control world affairs, the media, and the government from behind the scenes. These things are supposed to help them gain power and establish a New World Order, aka a one-world government that governs the entire planet. You know, everyday stuff.

Although there is no real proof of a modern-day Illuminati, Illuminati truthers speculate on which celebrities are members. Hardcore believers are quick to point out evidence, claiming that everything from celebrities’ fashion choices to their body language contains hidden meaning. Some examples, such as direct references to the Illuminati in song lyrics, are more plausible than others. But, like the sharp angle of an updo, these hazy examples of “proof” are frequently a stretch. In any case, it’s fun to keep track of which celebrities are said to be members of the Illuminati and what hints they’ve allegedly dropped to expose themselves. Here are a few of the most well-known rumoured Illuminati members.


Watch the video below as captured by glamsquad


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