Wait a minute, what is Olamide trying to say?

Olamide (Baddo) is in the news again.

It has been reported that the rapper in a recent interview said he will not pay money to anyone for international collaborations. Looking at this from the surface, the statement means nothing, right?

But when viewed from a different angle, is Olamide trying to say some Nigerian artistes pay for foreign collaborations????

There are rumours flying around of a popular Nigerian artiste who is going bankrupt due to the money spent to facilitate an international collaboration with an artist in the USA.

Olamide was quotes as saying:

Fela no do any international collaboration before they recognise Fela for international market,

We rep the streets and the street is the majority“, he said.

Something tells us all has not been heard on this issue and we promise to keep our ears to the ground and alert you once anything comes up.

Rumours have it that  some artistes picked offence at the statement and only time will tell what happens next.

Sebastiane Ebatamehi

I am a Writer and Online Publicist, destined to give a voice to the silent echoes and hush whispers that are seldom heard

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