Vlisco Announces Jessica Nwalozie As Winner of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2019

Vlisco announces 27-year-old Jessica Nwalozie from Nigeria as the winner of Vlisco Fashion Fund 2019.

About the Vlisco Fashion Fund

The Vlisco Fashion Fund is a contest that launches emerging African fashion designers and their businesses based inNigeria, DRC Congo, Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast and Ghana, on a global scale. African fashion designers living elsewhere in – or outside of – Africa may also enter to compete in the Global contestant category. In 2019, one winner is selected from each of this year’s 6 participating countries, and one winner from the Global category. The seven winners will each receive career funding equivalent to €5,000, plus a two-week master class abroad.

About the Jury

This year’s Nigerian winner was selected by: Trusted designers Mai Atafo and Lanre da Silva. Award-winning fashion stylist, Style Infidel and Yvonne Chioke from Vlisco.

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How the winner was selected

More than 700 applications were submitted to the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2019. The VFF team meticulously reviewed the eligible applications, and then the jury panels conducted interviews in each country. Based on the interviews, three nominees per country progressed to the next round. The remaining 21 nominees were given Vlisco fabrics and a budget. The challenge: create a collection of five outfits, a photoshoot, and a one-month deadline. During the last week in November, the juries reviewed the final collections and selected the seven country winners. Jessica was selected as the winnerinNigeria.

Jessica Nwalozie (27) is a fashion designer and freelance fashion illustrator.

The judges were greatly impressed with her creative thought process (which was very artistic and thorough), her fabric manipulation techniques and ability to play with shapes to create a 3D interpretation of her concept. Her brand, ‘Jessica James’ is about creating experiences and not just a couple of beautiful garments.

Runners-up for Nigeria were Samira Abdullahi and Jane Effanga.

At a festive awards ceremony, the finalists and winners celebrated and presented their creations. For an overview of the collections and creative content made this year visit: https://www.vlisco.com/fashion_fund/vlisco-fashion-fund-2019-nominees/.

Funding and Masterclass

A condition of the VFF prize funding is that it gets invested back into the winners’ businesses. It might be used to set-up a studio or purchase new equipment, for example. Winners are also invited to attend a masterclass in tailoring at a prestigious academy, abroad. In addition, winners engage in workshops and other training events as part of the prize-package, to strengthen their skills in creative content, publicity and business.

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Vlisco Fashion Facilitation System

The Fashion Fund is just one of the Vlisco initiatives that invests in the African fashion industry. By sharing our knowledge, expertise and network, we can support emerging tailors and fashion designers in launching and strengthening their own fashion labels in West Africa.

As complementary initiatives, we also offer the Tailor Academy, (link to https://www.vlisco.com/company_news/64-students-graduate-from-vlisco-tailor-academy-in-nigeria/) and Tailor Masterclass (link to https://www.vlisco.com/company_news/32-nigerian-designers-graduate-vlisco-master-class/ ) .

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About Vlisco

Inspired by Africa, made with a technique derived from Indonesian Batik, designed in the Netherlands, Vlisco’s heritage and design signature is a multicultural melting pot of beauty and industrial craftsmanship. Founded in 1846 by Dutch entrepreneurs, Vlisco is one of the world’s most dynamic fabric design companies, with a renowned reputation for creativity and innovative craftsmanship. Vlisco’s distinctive fabrics have been loved by African women for over 170 years. For further information, visit www.vlisco.com

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