Viral TikTok Video Shows How You Can Boost Your iPhone’s Battery Performance | Here’s How it Works

A TikTok video about an iPhone trick went viral, surprising many users on the video-sharing platform. The creator of the content shared a short video on how to make your iPhone last all day.

There are a few steps you must take in order for this tip to work. Here’s how to get started with this easy life hack.

TikToker Discloses iPhone Battery Hacks

According to The Sun, a popular TikTok icon @kaansanity recently shared a video that could be of great assistance to iPhone users. The most common issue that Apple smartphone owners may encounter is a short battery life.

@kaansanity This works guys ##iphonetrick ##iphonetricks ##iphonetips ##fyp  ♬ original sound – aakaanksh

To begin the trick, the TikTok user stated that you must first go to your device’s Settings. Then, go to General, and then Background App Refresh.

Viral TikTok Video Shows How You Can Boost Your iPhone's Battery Performance | Here's How it Works

Furthermore, the content creator advised users to ensure that they turn off the Background App Refresh in General.

Then, go to the Motion tab to fine-tune some important options. All you have to do is enable Reduce Motion while disabling Auto-Play Message Effects and Auto-Play Video Reviews.

If you can’t find the Motion Menu, it’s under the Accessibility section of your smartphone’s Settings.

However, there is one more thing you should do. According to the TikTok video, you must also go to System Services. This section can be found in the Privacy section of the Settings.

You can now access Location Services from there. Continue to scroll down until you reach the System Services section.

Another reminder comes from the TikTok clip uploader. If you come across the Location-Based Apple Ads option, he advises you to turn it off.

To complete this iPhone trick, turn off the button before the section where you can see iPhone Analytics, Routing, and Traffic, and Improve Maps.

The TikTok star said at the end of the video that it would make your iPhone’s battery last “so much longer.”

TikTok Photo-Editing App for iPhone

Popsugar reported earlier this week that another TikTok video about the iPhone hack could make your regular photo look more vibrant and sun-kissed. This simple trick can produce the best-edited selfies from a simple camera selfie.

I tried out the new tik tok iphone editing “hack” no edits edits pic

May 1, 2021 — jamz (@jazmintheegreat)

Here’s how to use the platform’s phone-editing trick. To make this hack work, you must properly configure the following options.

Exposure and brilliance (100) – this is an optional setting for users.

Featured Items (-35)

Luminosity (-28)

In contrast (-30)

Luminousness (-15)

a point of darkness (10)

Oversaturation (10)

radiance (8)

heaviness (10)

Color (39)

Angularity (14)

The vignette (23)

Set exposure and brilliance to 0 if you completed the first step.

Other iPhone Hacks You Should Try

According to Tech Times, a trending video on TikTok in February showed users how to take videos with background music.

The video function, according to the tutorial, will turn off the audio, but it will not turn off the camera.

The following month, we shared a critical iPhone emergency hack that you should know. It entails informing your contacts of your location and setting an alarm.

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