Vionnet Drops First Capsule Collection

Vionnet, the renowned luxury fashion brand, has recently made headlines by launching its first-ever capsule collection and simultaneously integrating an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) platform.

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The first of three collections, according to Vionnet chairman Philippe Camperio, is a part of a brand-new, “unprecedented creative project that marries community and technology.” He made this claim in an interview at his Milan office.

According to Camperio, the capsules are “stepping stones that will bring us to a first-of-its-kind creative project inviting and involving the community experiencing fashion through technology: The Vionnet Way.” They are designed as a tribute to the creator Madeleine Vionnet’s style codes.

Speaking to WWD, Camperio said his aim was to “remind the world” about Madeleine Vionnet, “who was she, what was her vision, her values,” asking himself, “what would her perception of the world be if she were alive today?”

He contended that this project “is about a lot more than fashion, what we want to share and communicate through both a message and of course the collections is the empathetic approach that Madeleine had towards the world. So the three capsules all have a theme, but the underlying message is to truly reposition Vionnet as a desirable brand, which carries a message beyond a product.”

Prices will range between 800 and 1,200 euros for knits, stand at around 1,700 euros for skirts and at 2,500 euros for dresses.

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