Vin Diesel Discusses The Fast and Furious Franchise’s Difficulties

Vin Diesel on set/Digital Spy
Vin Diesel on set/Digital Spy
  • Vin Diesel has been in the Fast & Furious franchise for over two decades.

Following the release of the Fast X trailer, the tenth season of the Fast and Furious franchise, lead actor Vin Diesel revealed the true challenge behind the franchise’s continuation.

Louis Leterrier directed Fast X, and 55-year-old Diesel, who has led the franchise since its 2001 debut, is now set to say goodbye to the hit movie, which will end with Fast & Furious 11, which has yet to commence production.


As the release date for Fast X approaches, Diesel had a chat with Variety and noted that the physical aspect of producing the franchise is not hectic, but extending the story behind the franchise is the stressful part.

“You know what gets harder? The work off-screen. The thinking, the expanding. There’s a reason why (J.R.R.) Tolkien stopped writing after a while. Because it’s so hard to continue mythologies. Nobody thinks about it in that context, but it’s real. It’s not the easiest thing in the world,’’ Diesel told Variety.

Watch Fast X trailer here:

Vin Diesel started his role as Dom in his 30s and has seen the franchise expand and feature star names in Hollywood such as Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, and more.

It will be remembered that Vin Diesel expressed a desire for Robert Downey Jr. to appear in the final season of the Fast and Furious franchise.

Commenting on the role Downey would play, Diesel said:

“Without telling you too much about what happens in the future, there’s a character who is the antithesis of Dom who is promoting AI and driverless cars and a philosophy that with that goes your freedom. There is somebody that believes that’s the future, and that’s at direct odds with the Toretto mentality.”

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