Video of health attendants mocking and recording Rico Swavey while he battled for life surfaces online.

As Nigerians continue to reel in the shock of the death of Rico Swavey, a heartbreaking video of how he was neglected by healthcare attendants has surfaced online.

In the video circulating online, Rico Swavey, who was unconscious was seen sitting helplessly on a chair while receiving oxygen as the nurses contemplated how to move him into the Intensive Care Unit.

However, he was being recorded for reasons not yet known and while this was going on, one of the nurses could be heard saying, “Oya, make we carry am now go inside”. Her statement made another laugh out loud.

Another nurse who wasn’t pleased with their behaviour noted how he was in critical condition, yet they were more concerned about making videos and said,

“His oxygen is 90%, You people should stop making video and let’s move him. Somebody is in critical condition and you’re making videos”.

These actions have since sparked reactions from Nigerians who condemn every bit of it.

See video below,

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