Executive Producer Francesca Rosset has hopes that it is going to be a great show. “From Day 1, it is obvious that they have been listening and improving on themselves.”

To the friends and supporters who come to watch the show, they attest that the finalists are bringing their A-game. The contestants are full of expectations. “I am here to work very hard and give my best” Model Contestant Olamide says. The contestants also say that if they do not win, they will go back and keep honing their talents.

For the jurors, they also have expectations. “We want mind-blowing talent” Legendary Suni says. He should know. As a first season dreamer, he found his platform to the world stage when he won the Performing Artist for Season 1 and 2.

The atmosphere is electric as the show goes on. There is only space for 6 people who distinguish themselves in design, modelling or performing arts. As they entertain, the contestants nervously wait for the winners to be declared.


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