VIDEO: Diamonds In Her Hair!!! Alicia Keys Just Gave The Slay Queens Something To Live Up To

Alicia Keys hopped on stage at the just ended Afropunk to give an electric performance, and the songs were hot and her voice was good. Now to the crunch of the story, she gave us something we really didn’t expect.

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The ‘Nobody’ soul singer and hit maker stepped on stage with a glittering pony tail for a hairdo. As if we hadn’t had it up to here with slay queens dying their hair all sorts of colours, this might just raise the stakes with our future seeing all types of influencers, stylish ladies, and slay queens fixing jewels, gems, and diamonds in their hair.

Alicia Keys may or may not be the originator of this look but we can assure you it is set to trend. Watch her below.

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