Victoria Inyama: Ladies that date married men will encounter nemisis

Nollywood actress, Victoria Inyama has sent a long but deep message to young ladies who go after married men.

According to her, Karma is a ”bitch” and they would definitely get their own quota in future.

She took to her Instagram today @victoriainyama, where she wrote, ” I just want to think aloud.

“They say what goes around comes around.

“My target are the younger girls yea.

“At this your young correct age, You have everything on the freshness side going for you.

“But yet you are dating a married man, cool, clap for yourself in @nedu_wazobiafm voice.

“Just picture many years later, You get married to the love of your life, Prince Charming , a good man.

“The Only problem is that he’s also taking care of another lady like the one that took care of you.

“Now you are in Rage.

“Why?? Have u forgotten how you insulted the wife.

“How you flaunted the love loot?

“He even married you, now he wants to marry another wife.

“You run to church.


“First of all, look for all the madams that have cried because of you and apologize for the hurt and pain you caused them.

“Then make peace with Karma.

“So, I’ve broken it down my young beautiful ladies,

“Please mind how it all happens now cause just like a boomerang, it all comes back around so mind how you flex.

“Study hard, Work hard, Pray hard.

“Don’t compare your progress to anyone’s.

“Don’t let your family cause you to do the extraordinary because if it all turns bad, it’s your mom and siblings that will throw insults at you.”

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