Versace Sues Fashion Nova Over Jennifer Lopez’s Iconic Dress

42nd Annual Grammy Awards - Pressroom

Versace is suing Fashion Nova for copying its iconic green leaf-printed dress.

The design, famously worn by Jennifer Lopez to the 2000 Grammys, isn’t the only print that the luxury house is suing over.

Alongside the Jungle Print, Versace has also taken legal action against Fashion Nova’s use of its black and gold Barocco design and its Pop Hearts design. Despite all three prints being copyrighted, the fast-fashion label has manufactured and sold remarkably similar versions on its own products.

The lawsuit states, according to the Hollywood Reporter: “Fashion Nova’s ability to churn out new clothing so quickly is due in large part to its willingness to copy the copyrighted designs, trademarks and trade dress elements of well-known designers such as Versace, and trade on their creative efforts in order to bolster Fashion Nova’s bottom line.”

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