Veronique Adaà hits the airways with Itoro

FAST rising songwriter and vocalist, Veronique Adaà has released a new song, titled Itoro to round-up this year. Speaking about what the song is all about, she said; “Itoro is a song that can heal the mentality of slavery in Africa. It is a song that has strong positive messages to encourage people not to give up on themselves and endeavour to be the best they can, no matter their background and status.

“The song has the vibe to charge people not to change their identity for opportunities. Moreso, everyone has the power to achieve anything, hard work pays.”

According to her, the storyline of the song is about a brilliant man who took his family abroad, thinking life is easier over there, only to encounter the greatest surprise of his life.

Now Itoro is left with two choices; either get a good job or come back home to face reality.

She, however, maintained that the song is an eye opener and an inspiration to Africans who think the grass is greener out there.

Sebastiane Ebatamehi

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