Veeiye Is Not Interested In Relocating Abroad

Veeiye/Fashion Nigeria
Veeiye/Fashion Nigeria

Victoria Adeyele, popularly known as Veeiye on Nigerian reality television, has revealed that she has no plans to relocate abroad anytime soon.

The former Big Brother Naija star made the revelation during the latest episode of “Me, Her and Everything Else” of Stephanie Coker’s “Hurt People, Hurt People” podcast.

Veeiye, who is also a singer, was born in the UK and lived most of her life abroad before deciding to relocate to Nigeria to join the entertainment industry. She noted that leaving Nigeria for the UK or any other country would be like throwing in the towel on her dreams.


Vee said:

“I feel like almost everyday, I ask myself, why am I still here? But it different for me. I was born and raised there, my family is there. I’ve lived my whole life there. I’m a risk taker. I’m an adventurous person.When I said I wanted to come to Nigeria and figure things out, I wanna see it through. I don’t think I’m tired yet.”

The Big Brother Naija star also expressed her love for Lagos during the podcast:

“I unfortunately love the beautiful chaos of Lagos; I don’t know why. But I feel like the same thing applies to people that have lived in Lagos their whole lives and they want to leave. I don’t blame them. I’ve seen a whole life and I feel like at this stage, being in Nigeria for now is okay with me. As long as I can still function here, still make some certain moves; yeah why not?! I don’t think I’m tired yet.”

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